The best man – Without them the day would be harder

The wedding responsibilities of the best man are rather extensive and it is perhaps fair to say that without them, or indeed picking the wrong person, then the day would become a lot harder than it otherwise should be. They have various jobs to do even before the wedding itself and their different responsibilities are not complete until the happy couple are flying off on their honeymoon.

Perhaps the most well known job before the day itself that is left to the best man is arranging the party for the groom. It should be said that it does not have to be the wildest of parties, but instead it is best to pay particular attention to what the groom likes in order to make it a day to remember rather than a fiasco.

Aside from the party it is their responsibility to accompany the groom when arranging the outfits and making sure that everybody who needs one is measured up accordingly. It is also best if they know in advance who all of the main people are as it is often their job to ensure any hotel rooms are booked in advance should they be required.

On the day itself it is down to the best man to make sure that the groom, and every other guy involved in some way, is ready on time and is at wherever the ceremony is taking place early. During the ceremony part they have to stand beside the groom and their main role with this section is to hold the ring for the bride and then hand it over at the correct moment. One important point to make is that they must know exactly where it is to stop there being any nervous moments as they search through their pockets. They should always know when that moment is due to them having been to rehearsals with all of the main players.

Once the ceremony is complete the best man is responsible for being one of the witnesses on the marriage license, along with the maid of honor. Apart from this it is their responsibility to hand over the sealed envelope with the fee inside for the person who carried out the ceremony and this should be carried with them throughout the day.

At the reception there will be the inevitable speech to be made, which is often the most nerve wracking part of the job, and it is also their responsibility to really be the life and soul of the party. This often involves dancing with various key people including the bride and maid of honor and basically then making sure that the groom has everything he needs and that everyone is enjoying themselves. In some areas people will bring envelopes for the happy couple and it is up to the best man to not only collect them, but also make sure that they are safe. If they contain money it can either be handed to the groom or they may be asked to put it in a bank account on another day.

As the bride and groom dance away the evening it is up to the best man to sneak away and add a few personal touches to the car that will drive the happy couple away from the reception. This is a fun job to do and how it is dressed is only limited to the imagination, although clearly it has to be tasteful and not too over the top.

One of the final roles that the best man has to play is in helping the happy couple get ready for their honeymoon and it is quite common for them to be the one that drives them to the airport. Once this is done all that is left to do is ensure all of the outfits that were hired are returned, and of course that they are complete, and finally check that any other requests left by the groom have been fulfilled.

So those are perhaps the key wedding responsibilities of the best man for a wedding and it does show that they are an integral part of not just the day itself, but also the lead up to it. This is why choosing the right person is imperative as they are the glue that can hold the day together when issues arise that threaten to derail what should be a fantastic day for the bride and groom.

Wedding Insurance: Mix and Match Your Cover to Suit Your Needs In Your Perfect Day


Whether there’s a wedding problem, cancellation or your chosen wedding venue has gone into bankruptcy or liquidation, it is important to have peace of mind with Wedding Insurance that gives you with the choice of cover and package to suit everyone’s budget. Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life. Months, even years of planning should mean that you can enjoy that one special day, the wedding of your dreams!

Wedding Insurance Can Cover All Sorts of Things:

– Cancellation, Curtailment or Re-arrangement:

Cancellation or Curtailment covers you in case your wedding is cancelled. If this happens, you may have to pay for goods or suppliers that you’ve reserved but cannot use. The kind of goods or suppliers this often involves are cars, hotels, caterers, venues, photographers, flowers, and wedding attire. Re-arrangement covers people for the surcharge of alternative services and goods people have to pay for when they re-arrange the services and goods to avoid cutting or cancelling short their wedding or reception.

This cover helps you reduce your financial losses if you have to re-arrange, and can help make sure your wedding goes ahead.

– Significant exclusions:

The groom or bride, or civil partners, deciding they do not wish to get married. Claims that are a result of pregnancy, childbirth, or acting against the advice of a medical practitioner. Your policy will not cover certain pre-existing medical conditions. They do not cover the cost of re-arrangement for travel and accommodation abroad. They do not cover claims arising from service in the armed forces.

– Public liability:

Covers you for claims made against you by third parties if they are injured during your wedding, or if their property is damaged.

– Wedding attire:

Covers you for replacements or repairs to wedding outfits and accessories (including ceremonial swords) if they are damaged or lost. Cover applies when the attire is in your possession, or the possession of anyone in the wedding party, or even a relative of the wedding party.

– Wedding rings:

Covers you for repairs or replacements to the rings if they are damaged or lost. Cover applies from ten days before the wedding to two days after the reception.

– Cakes, flowers and stationery:

Covers you for repairs or replacements to flowers, cakes and stationery if they are lost or damaged. Cover for flowers and cakes applies from 7 days before the wedding to one day after the reception. Cover for stationery applies from the date the policy is issued to the end of the reception.

– Gifts:

Covers you for replacements or repairs to your gifts, or gifts for your wedding attendants if they are lost or damaged. Cover applies from 7 days before the wedding to one day after the reception.

– Failure of suppliers:

Following the liquidation or bankruptcy of any suppliers booked to provides accommodation, catering, transport photographs, flowers or any other wedding services, a wedding insurance service will pay up.

– Wedding documents:

Covers people for the cost of replacing wedding documents if they are damaged or lost between one day before and one day after your wedding.

– Legal expenses:

Covers you for legal expenses if you have a problem or dispute with any of your wedding suppliers that the suppliers will not resolve for you.

– Transport:

Covers people for surcharge to re-arrange marriage transport following failure or cost of lost deposits, to give marriage transport as set out in the service agreement with you.

– Marquee cover:

Covers you for loss or damage to any marquees you hire and are responsible for. You are responsible for paying the first payment of any claim for accidental damage.

The Bottom Line:

No matter what venue you choose, or where in the world you get married, a wedding insurance offers wide-ranging cover for everything from cakes to cancellations, and cars to carnations or you can mix and match to create a policy that covers all the little touches you’re planning to make your wedding day so special.

Of course, we hope that nothing goes wrong and your wedding day goes just as you planned. But when you choose wedding insurance, you can relax knowing that you can rely on an insurer with a claims service that has a well-earned reputation for excellence who have made a claim are satisfied with the service they provide.

Wedding Favor Ideas

A wedding is an unforgettable moment in everyone’s life. It is the day when two people who are deeply in love join hands to start a new life. They want to share their joy with their friends and family. The guests spend time and money to give their blessings and wish the best for the couple. Is it not the duty of the couple to thank the guests for attending their wedding?

Giving wedding favors to the guests as a token of appreciation and gratitude is an etiquette that has been followed for many years. An early tradition was to give five almonds coated with sugar as favors. The almonds symbolically signified fertility, health, wealth, happiness and long life. Today all couples want to give unique wedding favors. Is your wedding round the corner? Are you looking for wedding favor ideas? If so, read further.

Wedding favors must be chosen with care. You should not waste your hard earned money on things that would be tossed into the trash. The favors must be useful to the guests. You should choose favors that will be remembered by the guests for a long time. Here are some wedding favor ideas that are both unique and useful.

First you must know the various options available to you.

1. You can give separate wedding favors to men, women and children or you can give common gifts to all. The favors for children include little toys, candies, bubbles and school stationary. The wedding favors for women include hair accessories, cosmetics and handbags etc. You can give lighters, belts and tie pins as wedding favors for men. You have plenty of options for common favors like fridge magnets, photo frames, glasses and candles etc.

2. You can go for personalized favors. Wedding favors personalized with the details of the wedding makes sure that the guests remember your wedding for a long time. The personalization details include the name of the couple, the date of wedding and venue of wedding etc. Many people are of the wrong impression that personalization will burn holes in their pockets. It is not true. These days, personalization has become easier, cheaper and much more affordable.

3. Wedding favors can be classified into three main types that include edible favors, keep sake favors and useful favors. The edible favors include candies, chocolates, cookies, cakes, jams, jellies and dried fruits etc. The keepsakes include personalized fridge magnets, key chains, car danglers, book marks, paper fans, photo albums and picture frames. The useful favors include potted plants, seeds, bottle openers, playing cards, glasses, cutleries, table mats, match boxes and soaps etc.

4. Are you planning to have a themed wedding? If so you can choose wedding favors to suit the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are planning to have a beach wedding you can give beach towels as favors.

5. If you want your guests to cherish the memories for a long time you have a few options. Insert the photo of the guest taken at the wedding in a beautiful photo frame and give it to the guest as a favor. You can also give a CD of the wedding function or a flash drive with the video clippings of the wedding.

6. If you are planning to give little goodies packed in a box or bag, you have to select goodie bags and then shop for goodies too. This can be a time consuming process. Prefilled favor bags or boxes are available in online stores. They are available in all price ranges and in all sizes. You can also have them personalized. You can choose the best that will fit your budget and needs.

7. If you have crafty hands or if you have crafty friends you can make handmade wedding favors. Handmade favors are unique and special, but it is possible to give handmade favors only when the guest list is small and you have many friends to help you and you have a lot of time to spare.

This is not the end of wedding favor ideas. There is a wide array of options for wedding favors. It is better to start planning for favors as soon as the wedding date is fixed. This helps in avoiding last minute stress. Formulating a budget and sticking to it is very important. Look for discounts and offers. Make the right choice to make your wedding memorable and successful.

Wedding checklist

When getting married, it may be extremely difficult to remember all of the little details that you have to do in order to ensure the big day goes as smoothly as possible. So, rather than leave things out, or have things done last minute and in a rush because you forgot to do certain things, creating a Wedding checklist as early as possible, is the best way to ensure everything is properly handled and taken care of. Since there are so many small and minute details that you have to take care of, a checklist is a great way to ensure you complete everything on it, in order of difficulty, so that you are not worried about big things not being completed when the date approaches.

There are many things which should be added to a Wedding checklist (whether you are planning on hiring a wedding planner or not); some things to include on your checklist are:

– venue (this should be the first thing as it will dictate when the wedding will take place, how many guests you can invite, the scene and the decor, etc);

– sending out invitations;

– booking a DJ or hiring a live band;

– contacting caterers;

– calling different photography studios;

– choosing flowers;

– booking a hall for the reception; and,

– anything else that is important to you as a couple, should also be added to the Wedding checklist in order to ensure everything gets done. The earlier the checklist is started, then the sooner you can start crossing things off the checklist, and therefore the better the chances are that you will not forget something, or lose out on the wedding hall you want to use for the ceremony.

Due to the fact that there are so many small details to remember, the Wedding checklist is the best way to know you have not forgotten anything. If you are working with a wedding planner, they are going to create a more comprehensive checklist (due to the fact that they have the experience, and have planned several weddings in the past so they know what they are doing). And, if you are working with a wedding planner, you will find that you are not going to have to worry about all of the small details yourself, because the planner is going to do all of the hard and difficult work which has to be done for the couple.

In the event you want to have some kind of themed wedding, or want to have the wedding at a specific church or destination, you have to start the planning process earlier, especially if the destination is somewhere further away, difficult to get to, or difficult to book (due to the number of couples that want to book their wedding there as well). Themed weddings are much tougher to plan, and for this reason, a Wedding checklist is going to be the ideal solution to ensure you do not forget some of the smaller details, decor, and purchases that have to be made for the wedding date.

Not only is your Wedding checklist a great way to know you are not forgetting anything, it is also the best way to stay organized during a time period when everyone is nervous. Since there are so many things to do, and such a short period of time to get those things done in, you have to keep a list; this is the only way to know you have done everything you set out to do, and allows you to move on to the next step on the list when planning for the wedding.

Regardless of how many guests you plan on inviting, what kind of band or food you want at the reception, where you want the wedding and reception held, and all other details for your wedding day, a Wedding checklist is the ideal solution to ensure you get everything planned, and everything done by a set time. By planning ahead you can feel more comfortable in knowing everything is completed, and you will also find that the closer you get to the wedding date, the better the chances are everything will be completed a few days early, so you do not have to stress out about small details.

Wedding Cake History and Traditions

The wedding cake has played an important part in the institution of marriage for generations. The tradition of having a wedding cake can be traced back to the Roman Empire. Over the years it has evolved, from its humble origins, to the multi-tier cakes of today, which can cost thousands of dollars

During the Roman Empire, it was a custom to break the cake over the Brides head. The wedding cake, during these times, was merely a loaf of freshly baked bread made of barley. The practice of breaking the cake over the bride’s head symbolized the end of her pure and virginal state and signified that she belonged to the groom henceforth.

In Medieval England, breads without sweetening, were essential for weddings. There was a quaint custom, wherein stacks of sweetbreads were made into a pile, and if the couple could kiss over the pile, then the belief was they would be blessed with many children.

Sometime during the middle of the 17th century, the “bride’s pie” made its appearance and this lasted till the early 1800’s. The wedding pie was made with a filling of sweetbreads or mutton. Inside the wedding pie a glass ring would be hidden and tradition had it, that the maiden who found this ring, would be the next bride. During this time, the so-called cakes, were not the main symbol of the marriage ceremony, but played a part in the tradition.

By the late 19th century, the bride’s pie had disappeared to be replace by simple plum cakes of different varieties. These cakes were simple compared to the elaborate, multi-tier versions of today.

A tradition from pre-Victorian times, which has survived in some parts of southern United States, is the Cake Pull. Tiny silver charms were baked inside the layer of the wedding cake. The single women among the guests would pull the satin ribbon attached to the Silver Charm and read their future. The charms were supposed to predict their future marriage prospects, children, wealth etc. If the charm pulled out was a thimble, it was a prediction of spinsterhood for the unfortunate girl.

The 17th century practice of sleeping with a crumb of wedding cake under a pillow was supposed to make you see dreams of your future spouse. Brides of the 18th century would pass tiny crumbs of the wedding cake through their wedding rings, to the guests. The guests were supposed to place the crumbs under the pillow at night. Other than attracting ants, there is no concrete evidence that the guest ever dreamed of her spouse. However, this custom was practiced for hundreds of years. When it became a practice that the bride did not remove her ring after wedding ceremony was over, this custom went out of favor.

Over the ages, the color white has played a significant part in wedding ceremonies. It signified purity, innocence, gentleness and virginity. The wedding cakes in days of yore where white, but not as a representation of the brides virginity and innocence, but simply due to technical reasons. During the Victorian era, icing ingredients were rare and expensive and the cheapest was white icing as it required only fine sugar. As time went by, the whiteness of the icing came to represent the family’s wealth and status in the community.

In modern weddings, the wedding cake plays a central role in the ceremony. Cutting the wedding cake is the first thing the bride and groom do jointly, as man and wife. The first piece to be cut from the wedding cake is done by the bride assisted by her groom. After cutting the cake, the couple feed each other the first piece. It is a symbolism that as husband and wife, they will provide for each other.

From simple loafs of bread, wedding cakes have evolved into the multi-tier extravaganzas of today. Multilayers became possible once cake bakers discovered methods of using the pillars of the cake tiers, as a means of support, to prevent the upper tiers from collapsing. To prevent pillars sinking into the cake due to the weight, the icing was hardened.

Most brides cannot resist the temptation of saving the top tier of the cake for the first wedding anniversary. This tradition has its origins in the late 19th century cakes which were baked for christenings. When three tiered, elaborately decorated cakes became the standard at most weddings, the bottom tier was used for the wedding reception, the middle was distributed and the top was kept for the first wedding anniversary; a pleasant reminder of the most important day in their lives.

Useful wedding budget ideas and advice on ways to save on wedding costs

A wedding is one of those special, once-in-a-lifetime events that you will remember for the rest of your life. As a result, it is important to do all you can to make sure that everything goes well. One of the things that can ruin this beautiful day is unexpected financial constraints. Lack of funds to carry out some activity during a wedding day can even cause disagreement between you and your fiance;. However, you can easily avoid such a scenario by crafting a wedding budget. By setting a realistic budget for your wedding and sticking to it, you will have a big chance of having a great wedding without any hitches.

Most people think that they need lots of cash in order to have a glamorous wedding. If you are one of them, you need to rid your mind of this misconception. A low-budget wedding can be just as great as a costly one, if you do it correctly. You do not need to go bankrupt to have a fairy tale wedding. All you need to do is to plan your wedding carefully, create a budget and make sure you stay within it. If you do not have an idea of how you can go about this, the following wedding budget tips and ideas can help you out.

First, you need to determine your overall budget amount. So, sit down with your sweetheart and evaluate your finances. Find out how much money you can raise for the wedding. Discuss your budget with any other contributor such as family members. Do not start shopping for items, or booking venues until you have this figure. Whether you are planning a wedding in your home area or in an exotic location, you need to have a clear picture of how much money you have to cater for the wedding. Note that, although a wedding is a special event, you do not have to use all your savings or sell an important asset to raise money for the wedding.

Once you know the amount of money you have, start drafting the wedding budget. List all items, which will be involved in the wedding. The best way to do it is to put everything down into different categories such as transport, wedding reception, clothing items like wedding dresses and suits and of course, the honeymoon expenses. Just ensure all components are included in your list, and the amount of money that each one of them will require.

After listing everything down, go through the items and see where you can cut on costs. Decide what you can do without, and what you cannot. Note that, this does not mean that you should not spend on your wedding. Just try to put your money on things that will make the day really special. Do not make cuts on things that will make you and your fiance unhappy. Remember, your wedding is supposed to be a memorable event, and any cash you will spend on it will be worth it. The most important thing is to ensure that you do not spend unnecessarily.

One way you can save on wedding costs is to cut your guest list. Invite only the most important people in your life. These could be your friends, workmates or family members. Cutting your guest list will enable you to allocate funds to things that will make you and your fiance happier such as fancy food or a trip to an exotic destination. Another way you can make savings on your wedding budget is to organize your wedding on a date, which is in the off-season. This could be in winter or fall. You could also choose a date that falls on a workday instead of a weekend.

Keeping things simple and avoiding expensive venues for your wedding will help you to save money on your wedding budget. Places like a nearby beach, a local park, a backyard or garden can be great wedding venues. Borrowing some items of services from your family members or friends is another good way of cutting on costs. As a lady, you could wear your mum’s wedding dress. This will make the day even more special, and memorable. Other things you can borrow include candles, decorations, chairs and so on. If you have a friend who is a photographer, you can ask him to take the snaps instead of hiring one. Your crafty friends can also help you to make the set pieces and design invitations. All the above are ways you can make savings on your wedding budget.

Weddings Traditions

The wedding traditions that people follow today are from all over the world. Some of them have become so common that their origins are not clearly known today. Although it may be unnecessary to learn the history of all wedding traditions, sometimes knowing the history and meaning behind some of the common wedding traditions can help add meaning to all the small things in your wedding.

Below is list of some wedding trivia of the most common wedding traditions, their origins and meanings.


The history of having a bridesmaid dates back to the era of captured brides as well as feudal warfare. To prevent anything bad from happening to the bride or having her captured, the bridesmaids wore similar clothes to the bride so as to confuse anyone with ill motives against the bride. It was hoped that if anyone tried to steal or curse the bride that they would curse the bridesmaid instead.

Best man

The tradition of a man having a best man has its origins around the same time that the tradition of bridesmaids’ came up. When a groom was going to neighboring villages or towns to capture a bride, he would require a strong companion to make sure that everything went as planned. For this reason, the groom would choose a strong companion who was usually regarded as the best man for the job.

White wedding gown

Brides did not always wear white. For many centuries, the bride would get to wear her best dress; there was no new white gown the wedding. The white gown started showing up in weddings during the 16th century but it took until Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840 for it to actually become a tradition. The queen refused to wear silver as expected and instead downed white because of its symbolic meaning of representing the purity of the bride. From there brides have been wearing white on their wedding day.

Something old, something new, something blue, something borrowed and a sixpence in her shoe

This was an old English rhyme that started out in the early 19th century. The something old was usually a piece of jewelry or any family heirloom that represented the connection between the bride’s old life and her new life. The something new was usually the wedding dress and it represented the new life that the bride was starting. The something blue was meant to represent the purity and loyalty of the bride and usually it was represented by the bride wearing a blue garter. The something borrowed would usually belong to an old woman who had a successful marriage. It symbolized the woman passing down some of her marital bliss to the bride. The sixpence in her shoe is not used today quite as much as the first four. The sixpence was supposed to symbolize wealth in the marriage so that the bride would never have to go through any financial struggles.

Veil for the bride

The veil has its origins from the Greeks and Romans. In ancient Roman times, it was believed that veils could keep away evil spirits. For this reason, the brides face was covered on her wedding day to avoid any evil befalling her on her special day. In those days, the veil would be worn by the bride all through the ceremony until the wedding was consummated.

Wedding Cake

The origin of the wedding cake is not well known; different cultures shared their versions of the wedding cake on their wedding day. For the Romans and Native Americans the couple shared in a cake made of water, flour and salt. The cutting of the cake, which is still done today, symbolized the unity of the married couple. The cakes origin may not be known but since the tradition of sharing cake came up, a lot of traditions have come up regarding the wedding cake. For example, it is believed that the persons whose hand is on top during the cutting of the wedding cake would have the dominant power in the marriage.

There are other several wedding traditions and customs that have been passed on for generations and will continue to be passed on to future generations. It is not mandatory to follow all the traditions but it may be fun knowing that someone centuries ago did the same thing as you just to ensure that her marriage is full of blessings and happiness.

Planning The Perfect Honeymoon

If you are to marry the love of your life and you would like to make sure that you will have a wonderful honeymoon together, you will first of all need to make sure you plan it accordingly. In fact, planning the perfect honeymoon is similar to selecting a mate and you should not decide haphazardly. Sometimes what looks good on paper may look completely different in real life. So careful research needs to be done if you are to ensure you get the honeymoon that is perfect for you both. Everyone wants to have that perfect getaway, but as you have learned so far, perfection is elusive. With that being said, in the following paragraphs you will be let in on a few tips on the things you need to consider when planning your perfect honeymoon.

1. The first step you need to take is to call your spouse, sit down and have a talk in regards to the things that you find essential to your honeymoon. Maybe you cannot live without a beachfront condo or a tropical setting or surfing beach, so bring those into discussion. Be sure to consider whether you will immediately leave for your honeymoon after the wedding ceremony has ended or if you will decide to have the trip postponed for a few days, weeks or even months.

2. Go on the Internet and check out travel magazines for some destinations you might be interested in visiting. You may find that you don’t like to go to the Bahamas as everyone does and perhaps prefer to have a wonderful time in Thailand, relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in one hand and your lover’s hand in the other.

3. Sometimes you or your spouse would like to go to a place where you don’t really agree on visiting and that is why you will have to both find a destination that will be interesting and great for the both of you. Lovers of la dolce vita will certainly want to visit destinations like Tahiti, the Fiji Islands, Hawaii or the Caribbean, while both of you are exotic dreamers, you would choose to visit Palau and the Seychelles for snorkelling and scuba diving maybe.

Yet if the two of you have fun-in-the-sun personalities, you will mostly love destinations from where you could easily jump from the pool onto a golf course or from the bar to a nearby park. Or you could just choose to go to a cosmopolitan city in Europe where you will be able to find many theaters and great restaurants to chill and have a great time eating appetizing meals.

4. Be sure to talk to your spouse on the way you’ll handle the payments for the honeymoon and if it’s required to save some money for your little adventure. For more help and ideas it’s recommended you go online and check some honeymoon registry sites.

5. There are plenty of packages you can choose from and you will need to do so carefully. Choosing a travel agent to help you get a great package will certainly yield amazing results that can save you a lot of money. The agents are up to date with the latest travel destinations and they can make you some good recommendations for your honeymoon. Typical packages in the Caribbean or Hawaiian resorts will generally come with greens fees, a complimentary gold cart, a dinner at the resort, a champagne breakfast, all for one price.

6. Before departing on your vacation you should make sure your passport is not going to expire soon and that you have all the required documents for travelling. Many countries require you to have up to 6 months left on your passport before it expires before they allow entry into the country. Some countries also require special visas. So it is best to plan your special honeymoon well in advance. If you are travelling abroad a few days prior to your departure you should exchange some currency. You may also be required to have your vaccinations up to date, depending on the place you visit.

7. Before the wedding you should pack well for the honeymoon. Take all the things that are vital for your trip and don’t consider taking towels and the likes, because they are generally available at the hotelsresorts you’ll stay at.

8. If you have pets make sure they are cared for in your absence and don’t forget to make arrangements for transportation to and from the airport.

Going and enjoying your very first honeymoon is one of the most exciting times of your life and you should plan accordingly for it. By following the tips above you will definitely be prepared for having a great and worry free time!

Taming Wedding Day Jitters

The lead up to a wedding can be a fun and exciting time; planning the dresses, the cake, the flowers, as well as the prospect of spending the rest of your life with your best friend. It is normal for soon to be brides to get cold feet or anxiety over how the day will turn out. The anticipation of the day can make anxieties seem worse. There are many methods of taming wedding day jitters and to help you regain composure so that you can fully enjoy your big day.

The most effective way to ease your concerns is to talk through your worries with somebody close to you. Confide in your mother, a friend, best man, maid of honor or one of your bridesmaids. They can offer a different perspective and talk you through your worries. As with any other problem, things always seem clearer once you talk it through and speak your worries out loud. Friends and relatives who are already married can be a good source of comfort as it is likely that they have experienced and overcome similar problems. If you don’t wish to share your worries with another person perhaps try and keep a journal. Here you can organise as well as reflect on your thoughts.

The lead up to a wedding is hectic and can leave you stressed so don’t let this get you down. All this pressure can make small problems seem worse than they are so take time for yourself. Activities such as a spa treatment, going for a run, or something as simple as having an evening to yourself on the couch with a movie can give you the time for relaxation that you deserve. Whatever it is you do, take time out from thinking about the wedding and allowing yourself some “me time”.

The day before the wedding can bring a whole new set of concerns; will the flowers get here, will everyone arrive on time, am I making the right choice? These are common yet unlikely scenarios and many try to take the edge off their nerves by having an alcoholic drink. This is not a good idea as you want to be alert and feeling your best on the big day. Instead, sip a calming herbal tea such as camomile to calm your mind as well as any butterflies in your stomach. It is recommended that you eat small amounts of food often to keep your strength up and to make sure you don’t feel nauseous due to over or under eating. The day will be busy and you don’t know when you will have the chance to get something to eat.

Taming wedding day jitters before the event itself is important if you wish to enjoy yourself without nerves. Before you walk down the aisle close your eyes, take some slow breaths and do some visualization techniques. Imagine yourself going through each step of the day; walking down the aisle, the wedding service and saying your vows. Once you have run through it in your head you will feel as though you have already experienced it and nothing will be a surprise. Don’t panic if the day doesn’t go exactly as you planned – just take a deep breath, smile and carry on. Whether you are doing your own makeup or calling in a professional to do it for you, make sure you use waterproof mascara. If you get emotional you will still be looking picture perfect and won’t have to worry about your makeup running.

If you feel your case of cold feet is more than just pre-wedding jitters, be sure to speak to your fiance. Every relationship needs a foundation of honesty and you need to be open with them about your doubts. Communication is important and talking with your partner can put your mind at ease as well as strengthen your relationship.

In all the anticipation and excitement it is important not to lose sight of the purpose of the day. It is about celebrating your relationship in the company of your family and friends while making a lasting commitment to the one you love. Don’t let the stress get to you and make the most of your day.

Wedding reception


The wedding reception is one of the most significant activities in a wedding ceremony . A wedding reception can be used to judge the success or failure of a wedding. However many wedding planners and couples ignore this factor resulting in wrong decision making and wrong wedding planning. Many people attend a wedding just to see the wedding reception. For this reason before choosing a wedding reception location it’s advantageous to put into consideration your guests and their expectations of the wedding. A wedding reception should also be well programmed and directions to the wedding reception location should be well described to all the guests expected to attend the ceremony.

Factors to consider when choosing a Wedding Reception Location

1. The price

The price of hiring a wedding reception location should be the first factor to consider before making your decision on which location to choose. The price of hiring the facility can be considerable and should correspond to your pocket ability. Some people prefer an expensive wedding reception because it adds taste to a wedding. However, it’s not advisable to have an expensive wedding and later deal with numerous losses after the wedding. On the other hand it is reasonable to maintain some class when possible. With this in mind try to avoid common places and locations for your wedding reception.

2. Distance

The other factor to consider is the distance of the wedding ceremony location from the wedding reception. The reception should be reasonably located from the ceremony location. This helps to reduce the amount of money spent on transport for people attending the wedding. A wedding reception that is far away from the main ceremony location can cause problems with transportation from one place to another and lost time in getting from the separate locations. You may also face the problem of guests getting lost between the two and delaying the celebrations at the wedding reception.

3. Timing of the ceremony

Distance of the location of the wedding reception may also be used to restrict the time for the reception ceremony. When Choosing a Wedding Reception Location put into consideration the various timing constraints that are associated with and outlined in the wedding program. By considering the time the wedding reception will start, one can simply determine the distance which the reception location should be located at hence having a complete program schedule. Also reception time helps to determine what activities, happen in that particular time at the place to avoid interruption and inconveniences. A well timed wedding ceremony is always successful.

4. The size

After considering the distance to be covered and the event timing the next thing to consider is the size of the facilities. The number of invited guests and activities to be carried out guide the selection of the wedding ceremony reception location size. The wedding reception facility should accommodate the entire invited guests and have sufficient parking for all vehicles. Apart from the number of people attending the wedding, the size of the wedding facility should also be guided by the cost of hiring the facility and the funds available for the same. A large wedding facility for a small crowd of people will reduce the taste of the wedding ceremony and can result to a boring wedding reception.

5. Climate

When Choosing a Wedding Reception Location, it is also advisable to put into consideration the climatic conditions of the location. Extreme weather conditions may interrupt the wedding ceremony destroying the flow of activities. In unavoidable circumstances, also it is advisable to make sure that the facility has the know how and plans to deal with extreme weather condition.

6. Facilities and security

Lastly, when Choosing a Wedding Reception Location, consider other aspects that will be used for the reception ceremony. Some important facilities to be included near the wedding reception location are food facilities, parking zones, smoking zone, public toilets etc. The security of the reception ceremony location should considered and all facilities to be used by guests should be clearly labelled for all the guests to see. You may also need to arrange accommodation for some of your guests if they have come a long way. So selecting a location that can offer this as well will be of great help to your guests.


The success or failure of a wedding ceremony is substantially determined by the wedding reception. When choosing a reception location the above factors should be considered